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Setting Summer Intentions


I hope this message finds you in health and good spirits!

As you know, I've been doing some major thinking about the direction of LOVE & LIGHT LOFT ™. The more thought I put into it, the more I become aware of the intentions that I'd like to set for this little space on the internet. I find that my overall goal is (and will always be) to help, to inspire, and to motivate fellow humans.

Initially, LOVE & LIGHT LOFT ™ began with that intention in mind. The products that I created, such as the planners and traveler's notebooks were created for that very reason! They are here to serve artists, designers, students, writers, planners, and all other creative humans! My dream is for these items to serve as tools for your spiritual growth and self-care, just as I use them for mine.

With this intention set, I must follow through with an action plan. Future blog posts will be centered around how to use these tools to bring mindfulness and reflection into your life. I will provide journal prompts that, I hope, will invigorate the creativity within you! I also plan to create a little YouTube channel that features music playlists that set the mood for creativity and focus. Here, I also plan to include planning videos, showing you how I organize my days. You'll get to see sneak peeks of my journals, sketchbooks, and planners. I hope this will inspire your creations and organization!

I am an artist, designer, and yogi who needs organization in her life. I believe that the more time we take to discover where we are mentally and emotionally will help us become better individuals and members of our community. The products I offer through LOVE & LIGHT LOFT have been ones that I use to keep myself accountable, productive, and organized. If I don't write something down, I definitely forget it!

Stay tuned for freebies and videos to come! I would also love to learn more about YOU! Send me an email with your thoughts about my next steps! Feedback is super important, and it's even more important when you let me know what I can do to help YOU!

Let's spread love & light TOGETHER!

Let love & light guide your life.

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