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I firmly believe that we rise by lifting others. We are not self-made, we are community-made. My art & design is rooted in identity, community, and culture. In order to give back, I will create collections, from which proceeds will be donated to community organizations.

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The very first ARTIVISM collection, "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS," will focus its efforts towards RAICES, an organization operating on the national frontlines of the fight for immigration rights. They believe that all people have the right to seek a safe and secure future for their families.

The RAICES community has made it possible for the organization to advocate for immigrant rights to shift support in favor of freedom, as well as to provide client services on behalf of individuals, families, and unaccompanied children. Together, we can all make a difference.

When we donate to RAICES, our gift will go towards securing the release of thousands of people and ensuring that each person receives quality legal and social services. Since 2018 alone, RAICES has defended over 65,000 service recipients, assisted an average of 200 newly arrived refugees annually in laying the foundation for successful resettlement, and paid $15 million in bonds throughout Texas and across the country in coordination with the National Bail Fund Network.

Make a donation on your own, send me an email with the receipt, and I will send you a sticker from the "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS" collection. If you make a purchase from my shop from the "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS," I will donate the proceeds from each sale to the organization. I will be adding receipts here at the end of each month.

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