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It is an honor to have you land on this humble, little space on the internet. This blog is intended not only to share behind-the-scenes moments of Love & Light Loft ™, but also to create a little corner of learning, motivation, and inspiration.

Love & Light Loft ™ designs and brings to life small art, stationery, and homewares that bring love&light to your life, your loved ones, and your home.

Love & Light Loft was created by artist & designer Mayra Anel, and inspired by a life of creativity and good intentions to help those around her grow personally and spiritually, and also to make their world a little brighter.

This little corner (the blog) will help you understand how to care for any product available in the shop, as well as how to make it even more lovely, or add your own flare.

Tutorials and freebies will eventually make their way into this space as well, so stay tuned!

Let love&light guide your life. 💜

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