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Planning with Love & Light

It's the last week of 2018! While some of us are thinking of resolutions to try to keep for the new year, us planner addicts can't wait for that first day of January--the day we can start using our new planners! I definitely couldn't wait...guilty as charged! BUT since I am using the Love & Light Loft ™ • Planner Inserts, I didn't have to! These three-month inserts are perfect for Traveler's Notebooks, like the Love & Light Loft ™ • Poinsettia Planner Cover, and they come with an extra week! ( You know, for those of us messy messy planners that just can't get it OR in my case, those of us too eager to wait!!)

I want to share some of the ways I use this planner so that you all can get a sense of what is inside, as well as their functionality and the very best part, their customizability! You can really have a lot of fun with these!

There are many tips and tricks (or hacks) that you can implement, and since the world is full of inspiration, I have created a Pinterest board you can follow, in which you can find more tips and tricks, but for now, here are my go-to's and favorites!

The first thing I do is take a little moment to reflect on the week before and where I stand as far as my goals and intentions. Then, in the "Weekly Intentions/Goals" section, I list what I would like to keep in mind, or achieve. Starting off each morning looking at this serves as a great reminder, and it helps me be more mindful and accountable.

I like to plan week by week, so either Sunday night or Saturday morning, I gather my thoughts, look at my appointments, school/work schedule, homework, to-dos, orders, etc. I like to use different colored pens and markers such as Sharpie Pens, Micron Pens, Papermate Pens & Pencils, and Marvy Uchida Le Pen. These work really well with the paper in the Love & Light Loft ™ • Planner Inserts and don't bleed through!

I usually divide my daily strip into the two following categories: schedule & to-do list. If I need to add things in later, I usually add them with washi tape, stickers, or my favorite, sticky notes.

P.s. I am currently testing some of the stickers you see on here, and they will be available soon with the planner inserts and kits! Stay tuned--I most likely will announce it on my Instagram and/or Facebook page(s).

A lot of people have moved to the digital age of cell phones, plugging in reminders and events to their calendars, but I love having a place where I can set things in stone (or paper, rather), to give myself more accountability, which makes me feel more productive and organized!

Plus, you can really have a LOT of fun decorating and following inspiration boards! There's a whole community of planners out there! A little tip I've learned along the way is taping envelopes to the cover of an insert to hold all your fun stickers and loose notes. (I actually placed this envelope not in my planner insert, but rather in my Love & Light Loft ™ • Journal Inserts) I'm telling you, you can really get sucked into the decorating aspect of it! You can really make this your own!

One thing I must say though, is that this can all get a little overwhelming after a few hours of scrolling... My advice: don't be intimidated if you have a more simplistic style, everyone is unique and that is what is encouraged here at Love & Light Loft ™!

Even just using simple washi tape as a minimalistic decorative element can add the perfect touch! I get my plain-colored washi tape (pictured below) at my local Michael's but you can also find all kinds of varieties on Etsy or other websites!

My last, and very important note is that I carry my planner everywhere I go! I think that's the most efficient way to make use of these things. I check it in the morning to look at what my day and week looks like, and also throughout the day--always checking in and seeing what tasks I can prioritize or move around. Crossing things off is probably my favorite thing to do as I go about my day! It definitely makes me feel more accomplished and brings great satisfaction!

I hope this helps get you started, as well as give you glimpse into the functionality of the first ever Love & Light Loft ™ • Planner Inserts.

Please let me know if this helped you! Email me or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions! I love to share and get to know you better!

I'd like to extend out a special discount to all my planner lovers to get started in the new year! Use Code : HELLO2018 (limit 1 per transaction, per customer, offer valid on notebooks & planners through 01/31/18) **Please contact me with any issues that arise.

A second bonus is this freebie printable, 2018 At A Glance for the first 6 months! All you do is click to download, open with PDF compatible software, print it out, cut along the pink lines, and paste them into the inside cover of your journal, planner, or traveler's notebook! Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting this little corner of love & light on the internet!


"Let Love & Light Guide Your Life"

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