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mayra anel

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at the Chartreuse Muse, 918 10th St, Modesto


exhibiting: August 03 - September 27th 2019


reception: August 15th



Mayra Anel is a Mexican-born artist, raised in the United States. She began her higher education pursuits in the vibrant city of San Francisco, expanding her mind by participating in the industries of fashion, design, art, and dance. She currently lives in the Central Valley of California, and teaches art locally.


Academic environments are where Mayra thrives, collecting knowledge and skills that continue to inspire and motivate her approach to her artwork. In the fine arts, she finds joy in the constant exploration of photography, printmaking, and painting. She is currently experimenting with printmaking, as she explores the layers of her identity.

artist statement


I draw inspiration from culture and heritage, movement and gesture, and from memories and nature. I believe everything in life is connected and bound to intersect; my work is a continuous search for these relationships. While the imagery I create is often varied, I am beginning to find connections within the emotions and feelings they represent.


Though I work with a variety of mediums, printmaking feels like coming home. It is a way to keep in touch with my roots, as many Mexican artists have chosen it as a medium, but it allows me to explore and experiment with my own voice, visually telling my stories. Through this experimentation, I am able to abstract and present what seems foreign, yet familiar. My focus in printmaking revolves around illustration and the concept of identity. Printmaking allows me to explore this theme by incorporating elements and memories that stem from respect and a deep connection to my Mexican heritage. 


I hope that the layers of my identity continue to inform my work so that I can better represent my community and create conversations that encourage inclusivity, open-mindedness, and reverence.


For Tiny Anomalies I chose to work with serigraphy, imprinting layers that speak to the complexities that create identity. I chose colors that remind me of skin, blood, and the warmth of the late summer sun. These colors, juxtaposed against bold shapes and patterns represent marigolds and memories of the warm Michoacán mountains, both elements that create a bridge to my ancestry. The anomalies in these works will be revealed in the connection each viewer will encounter as their own experiences shape their perception and understanding of these visual components.

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